Are you looking for a reliable partner in the Czech Republic? The European Development Agency is here for you. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Training

    We are actively organising a series of training courses for professionals in the field of education, training and youth. It is possible to finance all the participation costs through a grant by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme if you apply to your National Agency by the relevant deadlines. It is of course also possible to finance the courses from own resources.

    Our topics:

    •    Education through International Cooperation
    •    Innovation in Tourism

    We can also prepare courses that will be tailor made for your institution – don’t hesitate to ask.

    Check the available sessions here.

  • Networking - The Partnership Network of the European Development Agency

    In the Czech Republic, EUDA is the head of a network of experienced organisations interested in international cooperation and exchange of know-how. Since 2008, the members of EUDA Network successfully implemented EU grants worth over 40 million EUR.

    The EUDA Network includes cities, regions, public bodies, educational institutions, NGOs,companies and other entities interested in international cooperation, who do not need to deal with any unnecessary paperwork during all phases of the project life cycle, as this is taken care of by our experienced project managers.

    The Partnership Network also has important benefits for the partners abroad:

    • We can find the suitable partner for your project among Czech organisations, who will bring the necessary skills and experience to your project.
    • You are in contact with our managers who are experienced in the area of international projects, so that you can rely on their judgement.
    • We will be in contact with the experts of the actual partner organisation so that we can give you the needed information and on the same time we know how to handle project applications and we will provide you with all necessary formalities and documents.
    • We are here for you and we are able to react very fast as project management is our main activity.

    For more information contact the Manager of the Partnership Network Štěpána Těžká at

  • Project Management and Project Writing

    According to your requirements, we provide the following services:

    • monitoring funding opportunities;
    • project development;
    • complex processing of project applications, including required and optional attachments (such as feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses etc.);
    • comprehensive administration and financial management of the implementation of European projects;
    • services related to the evaluation and monitoring of projects;
    • finding experienced Czech partners for your projects.
  • Mobilities and work placements

    The European Development Agency acts as an intermediary organisation for internships financed through the EU’s Erasmus+ programme in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. If you are an institution that wants to send participants for a work placement abroad, we can take care of all the practicalities associated with the participants’ stay in the Czech Republic. Up until now, we have successfully organised internships within the framework of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme for around 100 participants, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

    Our services include:

    • matching the participants with host companies relevant to their field of studies or previous experience and handling the initial communication between the host companies and interns;
    • arranging for the participants’ accommodation during their internship;
    • assisting the participants with all the practicalities they need during their stay in the Czech Republic;
    • organisation of an elementary Czech language course and other preparatory courses as needed;
    • administrative support during all phases of the project;
    • monitoring the participants’ progress during the period of the internship.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us at


Quick contact

Evropská rozvojová agentura,
Milady Horákové 116/109 B,
160 00 Praha 6 - Hradčany
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 222 769 700

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