harvest films

HARVEST Films, o.s, is a Czech non-profit organization specialized in the production of scientific movies and documentaries. People sometimes tend to forget it, but cinema is one of the best mediums to catch the attention of people, along with being a way of understanding, expressing, sharing and explaining things.

This is the reason why HARVEST Films offers the expertise in the field of disseminating knowledge amongst thousands of people over Europe, in order to give your projects the opportunity to reach a far wider audience. Indeed, our past 18 years of experience have taught us how to efficiently reach and deeply captivate the interest of scores of thousands of people from the everyday life, would this be during International Scientific Film Festival screening, or on TV channels, websites, etc.

Over these years, we have effectively been involved many times in film processing and complete film translations, synchronous electronic subtitling for the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, FEBIO Fest and many others.


Quick contact

Evropská rozvojová agentura,
Milady Horákové 116/109 B,
160 00 Praha 6 - Hradčany
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 222 769 700
E-mail: info@eracr.cz

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