ELMI: Enhacing Labour Market Integration of elderly families through skills improving


The progressive ageing of the population is a problem that nowadays all countries throughout Europe have to face. Therefore also the challenge for the health and social care systems will be very huge and the work of informal carers as major care providers will remain crucial or will become even more important.

Unfortunately the financial crisis have conducted to shortages of local carers and therefore also the European Commission in its Ageing Report recommends to put the pressure on the family to insource rather than outsource care so that the informal care can become a valuable resource on the labour market. Romania, Poland and Czech Republic are three of the European countries where the care for elderly people lies mostly on the family.

ELMI aspires to offer people taking care of their older relatives the opportunity to deepen their skills in an e-learning course, which will provide them not only valuable information in the field of informal care, but also solid basis for finding a job in this field.

Therefore the ELMI project follows the two aims:

  • The transfer of an e-learning training course for informal caregivers from Italy.
  • The analysis of its potential transfer to Poland and Czech Republic

The project ELMI (Enhancing Labour Market Integration of elderly family carers through skills Improving)  is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project and is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme.The duration of the ELMI project is 2 years. It started on 1st of March 2014 and will last until of 28th of February 2016.ELMI is financed by the European Commission through the National Agency for Communitary Programmes in the Field of Education and Professional Training in Romania.


  • Partners

    There are seven partners from five EU countries involved in the project: Romania, Italy, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic.

  • E-learning course

    The on-line training course for informal (family) carers of elderly which will be transfered from Italy to Romania (and partly to the Czech Republic and to Poland), has a special focus on the care of older persons with Alzheimer dementia. The course will aim that informal carers aquire skills in elderly care, allowing them to face the challenges of this role, and also for their ulterior professionalization and integration on the labor market.

    This online course has been developed in Italy in 2011 and has been used by almost 400 informal carers so far. It is available on the website corso.caregiverfamiliare.it and is composed of 18 didactic parts with a total length of about 60 hours. It will be fully adapted for Romania, and there will be also 2 modules piloted in Poland and Czech Republic.

  • Further results

    Apart from the e-learnig course there will follow more results:

    • On-line platform of ressources for the Romanian informal carers of elderly people, with focus on Alzheimer dementia.
    • Handbook for the Romanian informal carers of elderly people referring to the care process, which will present also the advantages of the training program in order to obtain the professional re-insertion.
    • Concept-paper for a strategy of integration on the labor market of former informal carers who want to become professional carers, strategy that will be presented to authorities during a round table.

  • The work plan

    1. Preparation transmission rate (includes analysis needs of the target groups in Romania and Central Europe).
    2. The adaptation of tools for the Italian Romanian specificities (translation rate adaptation because of the different legal conditions in Romania and different social situations).
    3. Transferring Italian instruments in Romania (testing the course for 40 people in Romania and selected two modules in the Czech Republic and Poland).
    4.  Development of model ECVET (inclusion rate to the credit system in vocational education, the signing of memoranda of understanding).

    The project will support the mobility of skilled labor in the sector, where the presence of Romanian workers in strong demand (in Italy is currently 150,000 Romanian women working as domestic caregivers).

  • Dissemination of the project

    ELMI already has dissemination materials as a press releases, or leaflets that you can find and download here.



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