GYMSEN (Sensory Gymnastic for the Elderly)

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Project statusOngoing
Topiceducation, Social innovation, health

Lead partner of the project is the prestigious Spanish university Universidad Miguel Hernández Elche (Valencia).

Other partners:

  • EUDA (CZ);
  • Technical Research Institute Göthenburg (S) – Swedish research institute dealing with food quality;
  • Anziani e non solo (IT) – Italian NGO working with the elderly;
  • Athens Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders (AAADRD) (GR) – Athenian organization working with the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease;
  • AINIA (ES) – Spanish research institute dealing with food quality.
Type of applicantNGOs, universities, private companies, research institutions, other
Start date01.09.2014
Date of completion31.08.2016
Project objectives

The aim of the project is to create a training programme for the preservation of sensory capacities of seniors. The programme for practicing the senses, especially sense of smell and taste, will be validated in different countries by different target groups. Also other materials raising awareness on healthy lifestyle and suitable diet for seniors will be developed.

In the Czech Republic, the project will focus primarily on the target group of seniors who are healthy, but whose lifestyle is rather passive, and their relatives who would be able to carry out the training programme with them. In contrast, in other countries, the project focuses either on institutionalised elders, seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, or active seniors (lifelong learning participants).

Activities and methods used during the project

Project work plan consists of four main parts:

  1. Analysis of needs – questionnaire survey among seniors and their caregivers or relatives
  2. Creating the training program and materials
  3. Testing the pilot version in each country
  4. Dissemination of the program among organizations working with the elderly
Project outcomes

The output of the project is the training program for different categories of seniors:

  1. Healthy and intellectual active elders (Spain)
  2. Healthy but inactive elders (the Czech Republic)
  3. Elders with Alzheimer’s Disease (Greece)
  4. Institutionalized elders (Italy)

The training program will be published as a booklet and a web portal. The project partners will be also provided with equipment needed for implementation, developed by the lead partner (eg. smelling samples, etc.).

Project financing

The project is funded by the Erasmus + programme (Key Action 2).

The overall project budget is 177,311 EUR. The budget intended for the Czech partner is 21,500 EUR.

Grant calculation was based on lump sums devoted for management, international meetings and creation of major outputs.

Czech grant beneficiary

European Development Agency (EUDA)

Role of the Czech partner and evaluation of implementation

EUDA’s task is to participate on the initial survey among seniors, test the pilot version, comment on the programme and finally disseminate the programme among potential users – Czech seniors and their relatives.

Similarly to other projects approved under the first call of Erasmus +, it is delayed from the side of the Spanish National Agency. The project should have started in September 2014, but the grant agreement was prepared for signing by the Spanish National Agency in January and signed in March 2015. Moreover, the budget was reduced by 40% compared to the required amount. Nevertheless we hope for a successful implementation.

More information

The website of the project is in preparation.  More information and news about the project find here.



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160 00 Praha 6 - Hradčany
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 222 769 700

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